Images of Windows 10 Twitter app reveals new look and features

Images of new Windows 10 Twitter app reveals new look and features

Ahead of the official launch for Windows 10, images of a newly revamped Twitter app for Windows PCs and tablets have appeared in the Windows 8.1 app store. The new version of the Twitter app noticeably appears more in line with the new Windows 10 visual design sensibilities and brings with its new look several new features and a lot of functionality that has been lacking in the current app since it launched.

The new Windows 10 Twitter app

The new Twitter app removes the Discover option on the left-hand navigation and replaces it with new links to Search and Messages alongside the existing Home and Me options. The previous Connect link has also been renamed as Notifications and a much-needed Refresh button has been added to the bottom left of the app alongside the New Tweet button which used to be in the upper right with the old Search icon.

The new Windows 10 Twitter app

The updated Twitter app will also add inline images and videos in both the main timeline and in private messages with images of both an inline and expanded/playing Vine video shown. A small but important new addition added is the ability to now favorite, retweet and follow from within the Twitter timeline. Previously users had to click on an individual tweet and perform these options on a separate screen. These functions, as well as most of the others, have been available on other operating systems for a while now.

Are you glad to see the Windows Twitter app finally get an update? Do you even use it anymore? Let us know in the comments below.

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