iHeartRadio app arrives on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 with voice and motion controls

Sean Michael

Xbox One with Kinect

iHeartRadio is now available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The popular streaming music service has built the app exclusively for Xbox devices and with that comes Kinect motion and voice controls.

iHeartRadio gives users playlists based on their listening habits called “For You” in addition to a wide variety of other ways to listen to music. With the Kinect, users control iHeartRadio by waving their hands or using their voice. Additionally the app works with Snap making it much easier to use while multitasking on the console.

iHeartRadio is making its way onto more devices. The chief product officer for iHeartRadio told Gamesbeat that “People want to have their music and favorite radio stations available 24/7 everywhere they are, regardless of the device or circumstance… The sheer volume of connected platforms hitting the market that fulfill this desire has exploded and iHeartRadio is committed to being available on every meaningful device that music and radio fans want to adopt.”

iHeartRadio on Xbox

This is another solid addition to the Xbox One and Xbox 360’s wheelhouse. Another positive from Microsoft’s perspective is that the app runs on Xbox devices but not Playstations. The Xbox One and to a lesser extent the Xbox 360 are entertainment systems rather than only video game consoles and having another music service further fulfils that role.

A version of iHeartRadio was initially announced last year but in that post it only listed that the app would come to the Xbox One in the US. The app mentioned today runs on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of music streaming services but they all provide slightly different options and features. If you haven’t tried out iHeartRadio it’s worth looking at. If you already are a user of iHeartRadio it can now be played right in your living room.