Ignite 2022: Microsoft Edge introduces Workspaces, adds security, accessibility features

Robert Collins

There is some exciting Edge browser news to come out of the Microsoft Ignite 2022 event, with a slew of new features available. Check them out below.

Edge Workspaces

First, Microsoft will be introducing a new feature in Edge called Workspaces. This feature is currently in preview, which IT professionals and their orgs can join right now. Workspaces is described as “a shared set of browser tabs that will allow groups to view the same websites and latest working files in one place.” This promises a greater level of efficiency and will help to keep all team members on the same page (literally).

You can learn more about Edge Workspaces here.

New security features

Also coming to Microsoft’s Edge browser are new security features. These features are now generally available and include:

  • Website typo protection: This feature suggests the intended website when a user mistakenly misspells a website URL. This protects users from accidentally navigating to fraud sites created by squatters who take advantage of website URL typos.
  • Enhanced security mode: This optional security feature automatically applies safer settings on unfamiliar websites. Users can set the security level based on the frequency of visits to specific sites.

Learn more about the update here.

New accessibility features

Lastly, a new set of accessibility features make Microsoft Edge more accessible for everyone, and make browsing the web a more intuitive and inclusive experience.

  • Live captions: these are displayed in a live caption window when playing media like podcasts and videos in Edge.
  • Instant answers: this provides suggested results when typing a person, place or thing in the address bar. Instant answers can be read by screen readers.
  • Enhanced narrator: The narrator feature now provides contextual information about form fields and buttons, and allows users to more easily type information into form fields.
  • Page colors: This feature is now in preview. It allows users to change page colors to improve readability.

Learn more about this update.

With all these new features and improvements, Microsoft Edge is better than ever.