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Ignite 2018: Outlook Mobile adds new enterprise ready protection and management features

More and more of our email interactions occur not at a desktop but on a phone. Microsoft is fully aware of this and continues to work to bring Office 365, Outlook, and Microsoft technologies to phones, making Outlook mobile a first class citizen for handling email on the go. The company announced some new capabilities for Outlook mobile at Ignite, specifically for enterprise customers.

Administrators will now be able to specify custom sensitivity labels for email, creating a Company Confidential label, for example, that would encrypt messages and allow decryption only for those (within the company) authorized to open the email. The feature will be coming, initially as a preview, by the end of the year.

Outlook mobile will also be able to be set up to only allow corporate accounts to be added. This will ensure that a worker couldn't add a personal account along with their company account (a big security issue!) to company devices. OneDrive for Business accounts and email can be specified for use on mobile with this new experience, available now.

Microsoft is continuing to add capabilities to Outlook mobile for the enterprise, and plans to allow administrators to be able to push config settings to company phones:

Administrators will soon be able to push specific Outlook mobile app configuration settings such as the on/off state for syncing or saving contacts, biometrics such as Touch ID, block external images, and MailTips, as well mail options such as Focused Inbox settings to their users. Standardizing these settings will simplify and scale the deployment of Outlook mobile while helping ensure that users have a consistent experience.

Outlook mobile users will also soon be able to create and join a Teams meeting, use Office Lens to add business card info simply by taking a picture, set Notification "Favorites," share Calendars more simply, and search for events in Calendars.



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