Ignite 2018: Microsoft shows off Surface Hub 2 running latest WCOS software

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Today at Ignite during the “Transform your Workplace with Microsoft 365” session, Microsoft showed off some of the capabilities the Surface Hub 2 for the first time publicly. The device is slated to become available by mid-2019.

In the demo, the Surface Hub 2 was rolled out onstage using its dedicated easel, and the presenter, Raanah Amjadi, turned the device from vertical to horizontal with the screen seamlessly following the movement to orient itself in real time.

(update: Tom Warren of The Verge was able to grab a video and create this GIF:)

She then logged in using a built in fingerprint reader and opened up an Excel file , docking it to one half of the screen . Her colleague, Ashley Asdourian, then logged in to her account while on the same screen, opened up her account, also using the fingerprint reader, and transferred a chart from the open Excel chart to her PowerPoint deck.

Ignite 2018: Microsoft shows off Surface Hub 2 running latest WCOS software - OnMSFT.com - September 24, 2018

Yes, that’s right, two users, logged in at the same time to their own accounts with access to their own OneDrive for Business accounts. Pretty impressive. While the Surface Hub 2 will be initially shipping with the current version of the Hub operating system, these new capabilities will become available sometime in 2020 through a replaceable cartridge. You can watch the demo (it starts at about 5:00:00) on demand via the Microsoft Tech Community website, along with lots of other Ignite content.

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