Ignite 2017: Microsoft Azure gets new logo, tagline

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Azure is definitely one of Microsoft’s fastest growing business these days, and it was apparently time for the company to update its visual identity with something more modern. The ongoing Ignite conference was a good opportunity for Microsoft to unveil a new logo for Azure as well as a new tagline: “Azure. Cloud for all.”

“The new Microsoft Azure logo is a bit more abstract, and it doesn’t include a cloud in it anymore,” explained Microsoft MVP Chris Pietschmann. “If you’re familiar with the Microsoft Office icons / logos, then you may recognize a similar style theme. It also forms a letter “A” that obviously represents the name ‘Azure’.”
Ignite 2017: microsoft azure gets new logo, tagline - onmsft. Com - september 26, 2017The Redmond giant also released today a new “Azure Manifesto” video featuring CVP Julia White, EVP Scott Guthrie and more. "The Azure Manifesto is sort of a mission statement for us to follow," shared Pietschmann. "Microsoft says that we are all “Change Agents” that need to work to unlock the cloud."

The new Azure logo and tagline can already be seen on the official Azure website, and you can also see the updated visual identity on all the official Azure social media accounts. Do you like this new logo, or do you think the old one was better? Let us know below.

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