IGEL Appoints Syscap as its Finance Provider for the Fast Growing Hosted Virtual Desktop Market

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Deal allows businesses to benefit from Hosted Virtual Desktops today without the upfront capital costs

Reading, UK, March 15, 2011: IGEL Technology today announced a rental finance partnership with Syscap designed to help small and medium sized businesses benefit from the fast growing Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) market without the prohibitive, upfront capital costs. By using the rental finance system, businesses can now quickly move away from a traditional and expensive PC and server technology environment to a thin client Hosted Virtual Desktop model – making their desktop environment more time and cost effective to manage – without the need to pay for the new hardware upfront.

“As acceptance of virtualization and cloud computing grows, we are seeing many small and medium sized businesses that want to take advantage of the cost and time savings available from moving to a HVD environment but are put off by the upfront costs of having to change their desktop hardware,” explained Simon Richards, IGEL’s UK general manager. “This partnership with Syscap overcomes that problem by removing the barrier to entry as it allows businesses to move to a HVD environment quicklay and efficiently by rolling-up their costs into a monthly rental agreement.”

Using the Syscap finance method, businesses can rent a thin client as a hosted virtual desktop for as little as £9.99 a month over a 3 year period – delivering fixed cost computing with predictability and sustainability. In addition to limiting the upfront capital outlay, other benefits include:

– Tax savings
The regular, monthly payments can qualify as a trading expense and are therefore tax deductible.
– Increased flexibility for future upgrades
By leasing or financing IT, businesses can expand or upgrade their systems as the need arises, often without an increase in monthly payments.
– More available budget
Instead of spending lump sums on rapidly depreciating assets, businesses can allocate resources to where they’re needed most.
– Unaffected bank lines
Syscap finance solutions have no effect on the businesses other borrowing options.
– A straightforward solution
Once a proposal is submitted, businesses can expect a response within 24 hours.

Philip White, Syscap’s CEO commented: “We are delighted to have formed a partnership with IGEL. Our relationship demonstrates just how flexible Syscap can be when it comes to providing innovative finance solutions. We have a full understanding of the marketplace in which IGEL operates. IGEL’s thin client solution is part of our own business environment – the high efficiency of the hardware not only keeps costs down but also helps us to improve our carbon footprint. We look forward to enabling other businesses to benefit from IGEL technology.”

Syscap financing is available via any IGEL UK channel partner. For further information visit: www.igel.com

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