iFunny app for Windows Phone 8 provides endless hours of LOLs

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iFunny app for Windows Phone 8 provides endless hours of LOLs

For those that did not know, there is a popular app on the Android and iOS platform called "iFunny" which showcases funny pictures and memes. If you want an alternative to the "funny" section on Reddit, give this third-party iFunny app a whirl on your Windows Phone device.

"Having a tough day at work? Looking for some mindless fun? Enjoy ROFL? If you answer yes to any of these, or if you just like kittens and other memes, then iLOL'd is just what you're looking for. Developed for our own fun, we couldn't resist releasing it, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!" the app description reads.

The app features several LOL categories such as LOL Cats, NOT your best day, Damn Funny Texts, Damn You Autocorrect, Parent Fails, The Worst Stuff Ever, Wrong Number Texts, Why, Siri, Why?, Awkward Names, Epic WTFs, Invisible Cats, Work LOLs, Get Out of the Mirror, Get Out of the Mirror, FAIL blog, Epic Demotivational, and iFunny.

The app was just updated to version and features the ability to view and add comments to pics, as well as various bug fixes. Grab the app via the download link below and get ready to LOL!

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