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iFixit tears open the Xbox One so you don’t have to, gets reparability rating of 8

iFixit tears open the Xbox One so you don’t have to

Wanna know what's inside the case of your shiny new Xbox One? Sure you do! Fancy ripping open the console after you've spent a few hundred dollars on it? Are you mad?! Thankfully, the guys over at iFixit are mad enough to do it. Continuing a tradition of teardowns, the site dismantles the Xbox One piece by piece.

With no obvious screws holding the case together the ventilation grill needed to be removed from the side of the console. This provided access to additional clips that enabled the case to be pulled apart without the need to smash it open.

Instantly visible are the WiFi adaptor, USB controller and speaker. With these out of the way, the metal interior case could be opened up revealing an interior dominated by a massive fan and a lot of empty space.

The Xbox One is found to be very repair friendly. Should the Blu-ray drive bite the dust, as simple SATA swap out is all that's needed. It's a similar story with the hard dive: it's a regular 2.5 inch SATA II drive that you may or may not be able to switch for a larger one -- it's unclear whether it would work or not at this stage.

With the mainboard fully accessible, the mammoth proportion of the fan and heat sink combo is plain to see. As iFixit points out, "after the infamous red ring of death, we're not surprised to see a beefy cooling system on this Xbox."

Overall, the console is given a reparability rating of 8 out of 10. The disassembly process is described as being simple -- even easier than the Xbox 360 -- although there are a few tricky clips and accessing the hard drive involves voiding the warranty (but if you've gone that far you probably wouldn’t care!).

The beauty of all this is that iFixit has been able to satisfy your curiosity so you don’t have to. Take a look at the teardown... just try not to be tempted to do this yourself!

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