If you missed it: XP, IE security, leaks, Windows Phone 8.1, and Xbox One

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If you missed it: XP, IE security, leaks, Windows Phone 8.1, and Xbox One

Internet Explorer hit the headlines for the wrong reasons as well as the right ones this week. A security flaw was discovered that affected everything from IE6 and later. This in turn led to the unexpected release of a patch for Windows XP users despite the fact that support for the operating system came to an end last month.

In other Internet Explorer news, version 11 of the browser managed to attain a 16.61 percent share of the market. Older versions still dominate — IE8 holds onto a 20.85 percent share, for example — but AdBlock announced that it is dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

Windows Phone users who have not taken advantage of the Windows Phone 8.1 update that has been made available to developers — and anyone else who fancies grabbing a copy — found out that they will have to wait until June for the official release. The number of apps supporting Windows 8.1 is starting to creep up, and one tool released this week was Movie Moments, an interesting video sharing app. On a slightly related note, we asked whether software leaks worked in Microsoft’s favour or against.

Business users had cause for celebration as Microsoft made group calls in Skype available free of charge — something that will make the 2 million registered members of the Skype Community happy. There was also good news in the form of a OneDrive storage boost.

For gamers in China there were rumors that the Xbox One might finally launch in September — rumors that were later confirmed to be true. Elsewhere in the world, there was an Xbox 360 price cut in India.

It was announced that a new batch of original Xbox video content is on the way via Netflix. WWE Network also launched and Amazing Spiderman 2 launch is just one of the latest games to hit stores.

Ending on an even lighter note, ET was found! A dig in New Mexico uncovered copies of the fabled Atari game after they were buried 30 years ago.

That’s it for this week, but there’s another busy one ahead.

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