If you missed it: Windows 8.1 Update born as Windows XP support dies

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If you missed it: Windows 8.1 Update born as Windows XP support dies

It was Windows that dominated the headlines this week, and for two very different reasons. As Windows XP came to the end of its life, Windows 8.1 Update, which had been announced at Build, was officially released. Microsoft's decision to make the installation of Windows 8.1 Update mandatory seems to have gone down well with users

There's a lot to love in Update, and Ron revealed just what changes and additions had brought a smile to his face. For anyone who is struggling to get to grips with everything that's new, Microsoft's Power User guide is sure to come in handy, and the company also released a series of videos to serve as a helpful introduction.

Sadly, it wasn’t good news for everyone. Many people ran into issues when they tried to install Update, although numerous fixes and workaround were suggested.

It was an older version of Windows that was sharing the headline with Update, specifically Windows XP which officially reached the end of its life in terms of support. But while many people and organizations are finally moving away from Windows XP, there are still those who insist on handing doggedly on. Microsoft's wrist were slapped by China who referred to the end of support as "extremely irresponsible behavior".

We've heard about the National Health Service in the UK still having lots of XP systems running, and it seems that the IRS in the US finds itself in the same boat, meaning that millions has to spent purchasing extended support.

Google used the death of XP as an opportunity to try to promote Chromebooks, which shouldn't really come as a surprise. A notable mention should be given to Office 2003. With all of the attention focused on Windows XP, it's easy to forget that support for this version of Microsoft's office suite also came to an end.

What's your reaction to the two big stories from the week? Are you sorry to see XP shuffle off this mortal coil? As Windows 8.1 Update changed your opinion of the operating system for better or worse?

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