If you missed it: WhatsApp returns, Surface Pro 3 hands-on and AMA, and IE 12 details


If you missed it: WhatsApp returns, Surface Pro 3 hands-on and AMA, and IE 12 details

If there was one name that was on everyone lips this week, it was WhatsApp. The problems with messaging app continued, and it remained absent from the Windows Phone Store for quite some time. There were workarounds that enabled fans to continue using the service on Windows Phone, but this didn’t stop people from complaining and blaming Microsoft for the on-going problems. There was immense frustration from users which was not really held at bay by promises that the app was being worked on and would return as soon as possible. But all was forgiven when the app re-appeared complete with new features. In more WhatsApp news, Facebook asked EU regulators to look into its acquisition of the service in a bid to ease its transition in Europe.

The recently revealed Surface Pro 3 will soon be available for hands-on sessions in Microsoft stores but if you can’t make it in person — or you simply can’t wait — there’s a video you should check out. There’s a great deal to love about the latest addition to the Surface range, including the N-Trig pen which is perfect for both writing and drawing as a hands-on video showed off. It was revealed that an update to address a battery charging issue will be released prior to the Surface Pro 3 launch, and Panos Panay’s Reddit AMA answered questions that potential buyers had about the device. Industry experts are expecting a great deal from the tablet, but UK users looking for a cheap way to enter the Surface family can take advantage of a huge price cut on the Surface Pro 2.

The registry hack that was suggested as a way of keeping Windows XP up to date until 2019 was dismissed by Microsoft as being potentially dangerous. The best course of action is to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8, but it’s looking as though the subscription-based Windows 365 is little more than a rumor which may never see the light of day. Bing, however, is here to stay as is the Xbox business according to Satya Nadella. Continuing to look to the future, we did learn a bit about what to expect from Internet Explorer 12, as well as the intriguing news that we might see a smartwatch from Microsoft this summer.

Microsoft responded to Outlook.com Android app security concerns, suggesting that users may want to encrypt the contents of their SD cards. On a somewhat lighter note, Steve Ballmer was rumored to be interested in buying LA Clippers. He then put in a $1.8 billion bid and ended up making the purchase for $2 billion.

One of the complaints levelled at Windows Phone is the lack of a file manager. You could try out a third party tool such as the beta version of Folders, but this week — at long last — an official app was released in the form of Files. The latest figures show that Windows Phone sales are on the increase, and the security of the handsets could be a reason. Cortana is another big draw, and it will be coming to the UK very soon!

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