$@?%! If Kinect hears you swear in NBA 2k14, you’ll be penalized!


$@?%! If Kinect hears you swear in NBA 2k14, you'll be penalized!

We already know that Microsoft is being fairly strict when it comes to users who upload gameclips that include swearing, but it seems that games developers are taking a similar line. Kinect may be most famous for detecting movement and interpreting voice commands, but in NBA 2k14, it also listens out for swearing.

As just about any gamer will tell you, swearing is a very common side effect of playing games — miss a shot and you may well let the odd profanity slip out. But if you’re playing NBA 2k14 on your Xbox One you might want to try to watch your language. If you do swear in the middle of a game you may find that you’re penalized for doing so! Let slip a few too many swear words and you could well receive a “call technical due to bad language”. 

In fact the feature is something that was present in the Xbox 360 version of the game, NBA 2k13, and it seems as though the virtual referees have not become any more lenient. Gamer randomfrankp record himself playing the game and you can experience his reaction when he was penalized for turning the air blue.

Check out the Kinect acting as referee in the video below… but be warned, there is swearing, so avert your ears and eyes if you are of a sensitive disposition!

How do you feel about this? Do you find it a little creepy that the game is monitoring what you say while playing or do you think it is a small price to play to help clean up online gaming?