IE9 share grows while reaching 36 Million downloads


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Its no surprise that the latest available version of Microsoft’s flagship browser, Internet Explorer 9, has reached 36 million downloads while barely in its Release Candidate stage.

As mentioned on the Windows Team Blog, Internet Explorer’s share has increased by a whopping 0.86% across the Windows operating system and 0.78% across all operating systems. This seems to be as a result of nearly 36 million downloads of IE9 having taken place since the beta release.

Since its release on February 10th, the IE9 RC has already been downloaded over 11 million times. Together with the IE9 Beta, IE9 has been downloaded over 36 million times since its initial availability on September 15, 2010. As of February, IE9 has now surpassed total combined downloads of IE8 Beta and IE8 RC, and Net Applications reports that IE9 now represents 0.66% of all worldwide browser usage share on Windows with 2.09% usage share on Windows 7.

Whether or not this means that IE is making a comeback is something we will have to wait and see. Will IE9 make an impact in the browser market? It looks like it is but lets see what happens when the final build of IE9 hit the net.