#IDRB coming to Xbox One in February 2015 as part of Games with Gold promotion


#IDRB (It Draws A Red Box), a popular e-sports 2-D platforming title, is coming to Xbox One in February 2015 as part of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Games with Gold Promotion for Gold subscribers.

Players are tasked with launching a ball into their opponent’s goal, however with a number of obstacles in place (including one’s opponent), this is far easier said than done. Supporting up to 8-players, both online and offline, #IDRB offers a number of interesting gameplay mechanics that help to differentiate it from its competitors. Not least among these is the ability for a game’s audience to participate using Twitter and Twitch and actively obstruct the players thrashing it out with an array of abilities, such as filling the screen with fireworks or turning the ball into a bomb.

Certain players will be able to join in the fun early and help play-test new features, early codes will be handed out by the official #IDRB Twitter channel and Twitch stream.

Will you be seeking an early access code? Let us know in the comments below.

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