IDC: Windows Phone to top iPhone by 2015

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Mar 29th, 2011 inNews

In what may be an unexpected surprise for many in the industry, IDC predicted that Windows Phone will have a higher market share in 2015 compared to the iPhone. Part of the reasoning has to do with Microsoft’s recent alliance with mobile phone giant Nokia.

According to Macworld, IDC expects the first Windows Phone based Nokia devices to ship in 2012. With rapid growth after the launch, Windows Phone should take over the number two spot by 2015, with Android continuing to be the top choice.

Further predictions by IDC include iOS taking third position in 2015 followed closely by BlackBerry. Despite this, both Apple and BlackBerry will continue to experience growth each year thanks to an ever expanding smartphone market.

Finally, IDC expects growth to be at a slower pace in 2011 compared to 2010. 2010’s high growth can be partly attributed to mobile phone buyers holding off in 2009 due to the economic recession.

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