IDC: Windows Phone has seen an amazing 156% year over year growth

IDC: Windows Phone has seen an amazing 156% year over year growth

It is no secret that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has grown tremendously over the past year. Just recently, we learned via data from Strategy Analytics that it had doubled in market share and is currently the world’s fastest growing smartphone platform, as of Q3 2013. This remains to be true when compared to data from IDC.

New data from IDC today indicates that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has seen an amazing year over year growth. In fact, the platform has seen a growth of 156% year over year. Windows Phone held a 2% market share back in Q3 of 2012, and now holds a 3.6% market share as of Q3 2013.

Again, it comes as no surprise that Nokia has been the benefactor in this great achievement. Nokia has accounted for nearly 93.2% of all Windows Phone sales during Q3 of 2013.

“Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year growth worldwide of any of the leading operating systems, a result primarily driven by the support of Nokia. By itself, Nokia accounted for 93.2% of all the Windows Phone-powered smartphones shipped during the quarter, marking a new milestone in the company’s short history on the Microsoft platform,” IDC stated.

On the other side of the fence, Android saw a 51.3% increase year over year with a market share of 81.0%, while Apple’s iOS saw a 25.6% increase year over year with a share of 12.9% for Q3 2013.

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