IDC: Sony’s PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One during the upcoming holiday season

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 3rd, 2013 inNews

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox One console

According to a new report by the IDC, Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) console will beat Microsoft’s Xbox One entertainment console during this years holiday season. The most notable factor, as IDC points out, is the fact that the PS4 is cheaper in price compared to the Xbox One.

“A new connected game and entertainment console forecast from International Data Corporation (IDC) concludes that the number of game console bundles shipped worldwide in 2013 will be marginally higher than the 2012 total of approximately 33 million bundles, ending a four-year slide that began in 2009,” IDC stated in a press release.

“The forecast also suggests that Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) bundle sales will edge out Microsoft Xbox One sales this holiday season due to a variety of factors, most notably the PS4’s lower price point,” IDC added.

IDC didn’t go into any details as to why they believe the PS4 will beat the Xbox One during this years holiday season, aside from mentioning the price point difference. Microsoft’s Xbox One runs for $500 while the PS4 runs for $400.

The IDC also believes that subscription revenue from Xbox LIVE Gold and PlayStation Plus is also rising this year, compared to previous years. IDC also believes that we are on track to exceed 165 million online console gamers by 2017. Because of this, expect to see more “digital assets” sold though the Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4 online storefronts.

Lets not forget that China recently lifted the ban on foreign consoles, which now means that companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft can see a greater increase in devices sold over the next year.

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