IBM Now More Valuable Than Microsoft

In a recent report, IBM has now edged out Microsoft by becoming more valuable at $208 billion dollars. IBM's stock has risen over the past year and has barely surpassed Microsoft this time but Apple is still number one.

As GeekoSystem reports, IBM's market capitalization has reached $208 billion dollars, just narrowly beating Microsoft's $207.9 billion dollars. Apple, who is at $308.83 billion, is ranked number one.

Microsoft needs to figure out what it is doing wrong. It has been one year since Apple first surpassed Microsoft in market value. One year ago, Apple was at $222 billion dollars to Microsoft's $219 billion dollars. Apple continues to widen the gap between Microsoft, which is obviously bad news for Microsoft.

Microsoft's stock has fallen 58% since the beginning of the 2000s while IBM's stock has increased in value by 57%.

Now, we must always consider that stock fluctuations could always change the values but regardless, IBM has been climbing in stock market value. Many analysts are saying that ever since Steve Ballmer took over as CEO of Microsoft in 2000, Microsoft has suffered a poor market performance as a result of Ballmer's poor CEO performance.

IBM also announced that the company will be investing $100 million dollars in data analytics and unveiled new software and services to help clients manage large amounts of data. "The volume and velocity of information is generated at a record pace. This is magnified by new forms of data coming from social networking and the explosion of mobile devices. Through our extensive capabilities in business and technology expertise, IBM is best positioned to help clients not only extract meaningful insight, but enable them to respond at the same rate at which the data arrives," said Senior Vice President of IBM Software and Systems, Steve Mills. No wonder IBM's stock value is increasing.

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