Hyperlapse gets updated to include support for the Lumia Icon

Hyperlapse gets updated to include support for the Lumia Icon

We are swimming in video footage these days; from our phones, GoPros, or elsewhere. Microsoft has created an application to help turn that footage into useable and sharable content. Hyperlapse was released earlier this month and has been converting hours long video of bike rides, or canoe trips into a few minutes without giving viewers motion sickness. The app was initially released for Windows desktop, Windows Phone and Android, but the not all Windows Phone models were supported.

Now Microsoft has updated the Hyperlapse app for Windows Phone to include support for the Lumia Icon and fixes some bugs. The release notes only mention the Lumia Icon (929), so it is unclear if the 930 is also supported because the two models are so similar. The Icon/930 have been late to be included in several updates such as early Windows 10 Mobile builds, and the reason has been related to screen resolution and scaling. Why the Icon was not included in original support for Hyperlapse is unclear, but if you have an Icon then grab the app now and let us know how it works!

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