“Hydro Thunder Hurricane” and “Tiny Firefighters” get prices cut in latest Red Stripe Deals

Get ready for the holiday weekend with great Red Stripe Deals discounts. These limited time offers apply to Windows, Windows Phone games, apps and Xbox titles.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

This Windows Store game is normally $9.99 but is now discounted to $4.99. The game features high-powered speedboats which you must guide through 11 mysterious and dangerous race environments. Each level is packed with massive jumps and drop-offs, secret shortcuts and destructible objects. With transforming speed boats and gorgeous visuals this game will keep you driving to see what’s around the next corner.

Tiny Fighters

This game has been reduced to 99 cents on the Windows and Windows Phone stores. Normally it goes for $1.99. In this game you must help tiny firefighters and policemen through an interactive book format. A game for kids, it will encourage them to save, rescue and help people and animals. This game can teach younger kids what tasks policemen and firemen have to do on a daily basis.

Kids Learning Word Games Pro

Kids Learning Word Games

Usually going for $1.99, this childrens game has been reduced to 99 cents in both the Windows and Windows Phone stores. Help your child learn the basics such as letter recognition, hand-eye co-ordination, vocabulary and concentration amongst other things. It uses repetition to instill these fundamental skills. It features colorful games, beautiful stickers to earn and has a kid friendly interface.

Here are some other titles on sale until July 8:

  • “geoDefense Swarm” ($1.49, usually $2.99)
  • “I, Gladiator” ($1.49 in the Windows Phone Store, $2.49 in the Windows Store)
  • “Machineers” ($4.49 in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, usually $8.99)
  • “Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan (Full)” ($1.49 in the Windows Phone Store, $3.49 in the Windows Store)

Do you think these games are more attractive with the discount? Have sales ever tempted you to buy an app or game you wouldn’t have otherwise? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back regularly for all the latest Windows and Windows Phone app discounts here, on WinBeta.

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