Huawei doesn't have any plans to launch a Windows 10 smartphone any time soon

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Huawei doesn't have any plans to launch a Windows 10 smartphones any time soon

Huawei has said in the past that the company has no plans to launch a Windows Phone handset, they went so far as to say that "nobody made money" with Microsoft's operating system. With Windows 10, Microsoft did make the operating system more appealing, but will this change the mind of the Chinese OEM, and attract them to make Windows 10 devices? The short answer is: No.

The company mentioned the operating system doesn't offer too many customization options so it's not possible for Huawei to differentiate its products from its rivals.

“In the phone part there is no plan [to launch a Windows 10 device],” Shao Yang, Chief Marketing Officer for Huawei’s devices division stated. “For us, Window’s biggest problem is that it is not very easy to have the DIY [experience] on the Windows system. If you look at all the Windows phones, they are all very similar. It is very hard for us to differentiate a Huawei Windows Phone to other Windows phones."

This doesn't meant that it is set in stone, and the company will not launch a Windows Phone handset, there are possibilities, but there's no sure way to say if its going to happen anytime soon.

On the tablets front, Yang did say that a Surface Pro 3 competitor with Windows 10 could be an option, but didn't go into details about its launch, or when/if it will become a reality anytime soon. This is a difficult market to get in to since Surface Pro 3 has received a fair share of success since its launch, and we've already seen a handful of tablets in the past few months from big PC manufacturers. 

It remains to be seen what the company has planned, but as far as smartphones are concerned, Android is their first choice for now.

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