HTC cancels plans for 12 inch Windows RT tablet, cites 'lackluster demand' as reason


According to a new report, HTC has apparently canceled its plans for a Windows RT based full-sized tablet, thanks to "lackluster demand." According to unnamed sources within the company, HTC believes demand for Windows RT devices have been weak, therefore the company has decided not to continue with the 12 inch model that was planned.

HTC not only cites a lack of demand for Windows RT as the reason not to manufacture a 12 inch Windows RT tablet, but also cites cost. HTC is apparently trying to balance out the cost that would be required to manufacture these devices, vs the demand for Windows RT. HTC, however, it still interested in a 7 inch Windows RT tablet and plans on releasing this device later this year.

"A tablet with a screen of about 12 inches was too pricey both in terms of components, and what HTC would have to charge customers, said the person. The company expects lower costs and higher demand for a smaller tablet to be delivered around September or October, the person said," the report stated.

As Bloomberg points out, Windows RT sales haven't been all that great since it was launched back in October of 2012. Thus far, according to data from IDC, there have been 200,000 tablets running Windows RT sold during the first quarter of its introduction.

Of course, HTC refused to offer an official comment on the report.

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