HP’s upcoming Windows 10 Mobile Elite X3 superphone to come in gold version

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One of the more anticipated Windows 10 Mobile devices this year is HP’s Elite X3 superphone. Not only does the device offer up some nice specifications, but it represents the most serious third-party piece of hardware currently slated for Microsoft’s newest mobile OS.

Today, we’ve learned (via GSMArena) that HP is planning to offer up a gold version of the Elite X3, adding in some nice bling to go along with all of the great capabilities. You can get some nice information on the smartphone by checking out HP’s QuickSpecs documentation, including the fact that the two color options will be Graphite/Chrome and Gold/Gold.

Check out all of the specs directly from the HP document below:

Elite X3 QuickSpecs At A Glance
Elite X3 QuickSpecs At A Glance.

HP is aiming the Elite X3 primarily at businesses, but it’s nice to see that the important Windows OEM won’t just be a boring silver color. Let us know in the comments if a gold option makes the Elite X3 an even more exciting option for you.

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