HP testing TouchPads with Windows 8 in mind?

HP scrapped the HP TouchPad back in August this year, just two months after the device hit the shelf’s. Now today, rumors are appearing that HP have been testing Windows 8 on their TouchPad devices, and are thinking about resurrecting the device as a Windows 8 tablet.

The reports come from Clayton Morris’s blog, who is an anchor for FoxNews. He says that HP and the TouchPad team have been busy doing proof of concept work, testing out the Windows 8 Developer Preview on the TouchPad itself.

The TouchPad team have also been discussing the possibilities of reviving the almost dead device, since the device isn’t actually dead yet. They could release these devices for Windows 8 in mind.

HP killed of the TouchPad in August when it announced their plans to stop support WebOS devices.

What do you think? Would you buy a HP TouchPad with Windows 8 installed?

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