HP sales associate covered the Elite X3 in Reddit AMA

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An HP sales associate took to the world of a Reddit AMA to answer your questions about the HP Elite  X3. In the AMA session, the associate noted that he has been using the device for two weeks and did his best to any questions from his community.

Here’s a recap of some of the more interesting bits:

  • The shipping version of Windows 10 Mobile is 32-bit only, meaning only 3.5GB of RAM will be available.
  • The current build does not support double tap to wake.
  • PayPay Credit will be available for financing the Elite X3.
  • Battery life is excellent and Continuum does not cause any issues with heat.
  • “HP will be offering a subscription service to HP workspace which will have virtualized / remote/ x86 applications.”
  • Citrix is working on a Continuum-like workspace.
  • Responding to a question about Verizon support, the answer was, “Not happening they dont like us :(“
  • With regard to relative performance, the answer was, “Great question but very tough to answer. It would fall someware between the two of them. The ability to have the HP Workspace pushes it beyond what the capabilities of a ARM based Surface. Those devices are a content consumption content creation devices. This can be both of those PLUS be your phone. The idea of continuum and the execution that HP has done is pretty slick.”
  • Businesses are excited about the Elite X3 due primarily to the HP Workspace functionality.
  • The lap dock will retail for $499.00.
  • The Elite X3 uses plastic construction to meet Mil 810 and IP67 ratings.
  • A trail HP Workspace subscription is being considered but no decision has been made yet.

Sample image taken with Elite X3.

Sample low-light image from Elite X3.

And so, if you so happen to be a Reddit user, you can head over to the thread on r/WindowsPhone and dig into the details. The thread is full of very interesting questions and answers, so be sure to check it out and come back and drop off a comment below with your thoughts!

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