HP reveals brand new all-in-one Windows 8 PC’s

HP, one of Microsoft’s OEM partners have today revealed its all new all-ino-one Windows 8 PC’s launching later this year. The new PC’s have been designed with Windows 8 in-mind, meaning they support multi-touch gestures, they also come with pretty good specs underneath.

The PC’s that were revealed are the ENVY 20 and the ENVY 23 touchsmart PC’s, which will both include multi-touch support up to 10 fingers. The ENVY 20 will have a 20 inch screen, and the ENVY 23 will have a 23 inch screen, which isn’t really a surprise.

Both PC’s will include up to 3TB hard drive space, as well as optional SSD’s and Intel Processors. Both PC’s will launch in October alongside Windows 8 with prices ranging from $799 for the ENVY 20 and $999 for the ENVY 23.

The company also announced some high-end Windows 8 PC’s, one being called the SpectreONE which has a 23.6 inch screen, NVIDIA graphics, NFC technology, as well as 2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 ports. The PC isn’t touchscreen, but it will support a multi-touch trackpad for Windows 8 gestures.

These new PC’s are just a couple in a long line of new Windows 8 PC’s, Tablets and Laptops which have been announced over the past few weeks. IFA 2012 saw the announcement of many Windows 8 RT and Pro tablets, making the choice of a tablet much wider for the average consumer.

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