HP partners with iPass to offer free Wi-Fi with new HP notebooks and tablets

We live in a world where every device seems to depend on the internet, so HP is trying to make staying connected much easier.  The company announced today that it is expanding it's collaboration with iPass Inc to bring iPass' global Wi-Fi network to HP customers worldwide.

The expanded collaboration means that customers who purchase new HP notebooks, hybrid PCs, phablets, and tablets with the iPass option will be able to access millions of hotspots on the iPass global Wi-Fi network for 1-3 years at no additional cost. Connecting will be as simple as once click to activate and sign on. The connections offer unlimited data, and also will be secure, private and safe, as it will be encrypted with Last Mile VPN encryption.

Gary Gfiffiths, CEO of iPass, described the iPass network in HP's press statement:

"It is paramount for people to have secure and easy access to Wi-Fi to stay connected to what matters most to them," said Gary Griffiths, CEO, iPass. "We are bringing the iPass global Wi-Fi network to HP customers around the world to enable rich experiences on HP's notebooks and tablets."

If this sounds interesting to you, a hotspot location map, and more information about iPass are available at this link.


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