HP might be working on another Windows 10 Mobile device with Verizon support, Elite X3 supports CDMA

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Windows 10 Mobile has not been looking too good for Verizon customers recently, with the lack of a Verizon capable device. HP's upcoming Elite x3 is not expected to work with Verizon either, however, HP might have something else up its sleeve.

In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Windows Phone sub-Reddit, a HP Consultant told us that HP is working on another device, but declined to tell us whether it was a mobile device or not:

Executives are drooling... it will be a top down effect... ( this isnt the only device coming from HP ... hint hint hint)

In a follow-up response to another Redditor asking if the HP Elite x3 has had any updates in regards to Verizon support, the consultant replied:

Not happening on THIS model..

Further to this, it appears HP has a device lifecycle of 12-15 months, "for each device":

There is a lifecycle planned.. Target is 12 to 15 months for each device.

With no further details, it is difficult to see what HP could be working on exactly, however, from the responses, it is a safe bet to say they're working on another Windows 10 Mobile device that is a possible upgrade or a newer model of the Elite x3, which could include Verizon support.

From another discussion, the consultant also stated that the Elite x3 does in fact support CDMA, but it isn't enabled and Verizon will not support the device:

CDMA is there... Verizon hates us.. 🙁

This is good news, as it means that from a technical standpoint, the Elite x3 can support CDMA, should they and Verizon decide to support it after release.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this additional information surrounding HP and the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem that it is investing in.

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