HP joins in on Brexit with 10% price increases coming in the UK starting August 1, 2016

Mark Coppock


Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and many other technology companies have responded in various ways to the recent Brexit vote in the UK for that country to leave the European Union. The move will have numerous economic and political repercussions for the UK, other EU nations, and the world at large, and businesses are as affected as any other segment of society.

HP has recently joined in the rush to announced upcoming changes. According to The Inquirer, HP is planning to increase prices 10% starting on August 1, joining Dell with this particular response. A leaked email to HP partners had this to say:

“As you will be aware, we have seen an unprecedented weakening of the pound to US dollar exchange rate over the past few weeks.

“In order to maintain a sustainable and consistent approach to our operation in the UK and Ireland, we have taken the decision to make some adjustments to our channel-supported and directly-contracted end-user pricing strategy.

“Effective from 1 August, we will be implementing an adjustment of circa 10 per cent across HP’s Personal Systems portfolio.

“This applies to all HP commercial/business products in the HP Personal Systems category (core PC/laptop, value technology and mobility solutions). As always, you may freely determine your resale price to your customers.”

The repercussions of Brexit will likely take some time to fully reveal themselves. In the meantime, we’ll need to keep our eye on the response of technology companies to see how it will impact their strategies in the UK and the EU going forward.