HP hopes to help democratize healthcare with products like the Elite X3 smartphone

If you've been following the news around the HP Elite x3 over the last few months, you may be aware that this phone is not your average flagship phone. While many Windows 10 Mobile enthusiasts may consider it as 2016's unnofficial Surface Phone, HP already made it clear that its first "3-in-1"phone would be mostly targeted at business users, even though the company is also thinking about other use cases in other industries including healthcare.

In the latest issue of its Innovation Journal, the company explains that the premium Windows 10 Mobile handset could well help democratizing medicine by transforming into a mobile diagnostic lab that could analyze samples based on body fluids such as blood and saliva. "Today’s Imprecision Medicine wastes billions of dollars on inappropriate, error prone and ineffective drug administration and treatment," explains the company who also claims that it already has all the technology necessary to make healthcare diagnostics accessible to more people. "At HP we have the privilege of legacy and leadership in the technology arenas which are needed so urgently in the healthcare industry: microfluidics, measurement, commercial mobility, and computing," added HP.

In the image below, you can see a concept idea of a miniature diagnostic labs which could be attached to the HP Elite x3:

The HP Elite x3 could transform into a miniature diagnostic lab.
The HP Elite x3 could transform into a miniature diagnostic lab.

According to the company, the premium handset would be powerful enough to process healthcare data on the device itself:

Turning the Elite X3 into the data center and processing on-site healthcare data into contextual information will enable everyone to access personalized medical information. Health information consolidation, big data analytics, and machine learning in the cloud will offer new insights into human health. This will improve healthcare delivery, compliance and treatment outcomes. Precision Medicine will drastically improve quality of life due to an individualized treatment and recovery rates.

We invite you to read the full article over here. Do you think HP's vision for healthcare diagnostics is a realistic one? Let us know your thoughts about this mobile diagnostic lab idea by dropping us a comments below.

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