HP Elite X3 offers an optional stylus, with natural writing

There's plenty of new pieces of information regarding HP's flagship, the HP Elite x3, Windows 10 Mobile device this week already, with it now being discovered that the device will optionally come with a stylus.


According to HP's latest documentation on the device's accessories, the stylus will be a HP Elite x3 Passive Stylus. The stylus will come in at a size of 5.43 x .37 in (137.92 x 9.5 mm). It will be mostly made of aluminium, along with the tip being rubber and the clip being brass and iron, and finally, the lanyard will be nylon. You'll also receive three replacement tips with each stylus. For weight, it will weigh around 42 oz (12 g).

The stylus will allow for "natural" and "smooth" writing against the device's screen. How natural it will feel, we don't know as yet.

There's plenty of other exciting news surrounding the Elite x3, too. Take a look at some of our other stories below - and there's more to come.

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