HP Elite X3 may be available through PayPal Credit, won't need to pay the entire cost upfront

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The HP Elite x3 is targeted at businesses, and as such, comes with a high one-off cost, unless bought in bulk, as many enterprises will be doing, which lowers the overall cost to a more acceptable amount. This, however, isn't too good for consumers who still wish to purchase the device, as the price is quite steep, to begin with.

Luckily, according to a HP Consultant who is running an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Windows Phone's sub-Reddit, who answered a question we raised to him, the HP Store will be offering the option to purchase its Windows 10 Mobile superphone through PayPal Credit. The purchasing option will allow you to stretch the cost over a pre-defined timeframe, with monthly payments being made that are generally more affordable for consumers.

It is not certain that this option will be available, as it is not yet possible to go through the entire purchase process, however, if it is available, it could be limited to certain regions and account types, which is at PayPal's discretion as they choose who can (and cannot) make use of PayPal Credit.

Furthermore, new UK customers on PayPal Credit can receive 0% interest for four months. This means that, if the amount is paid off in 4 months, there will be no additional interest charges.

Other payment options offered by the HP Store include regular PayPal Billing, Credit and Debit cards, Bank transfer and open invoices. Eligibility for each option may depend on the region at the time of purchase.

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