HP Elite X3 device guide videos surface online, showcasing Continuum

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The HP Elite X3 is coming soon and in preparation for its launch, the folks at HP have put together a few videos to help future Elite X3 owners make the most out of the device. Today, videos have been released that explain to users how to make use of Continuum, the feature on Windows 10 Mobile that allows users to use their TV’s or monitors as displays for their phone.

If you’re at all familiar with how Continuum works, you can probably skip these. They’re a pretty simple trio of videos that go over every detail that you’re going to need to get things set up. The first video involves setting up your adapter – plugging it in, plugging your phone into it, the stuff that you’d imagine. The second two videos go over connecting to a TV or monitor – wireless and wired, respectively – and getting Continuum ready to go. If you’re new to Windows 10 Mobile or just new to Continuum, these videos should help you out.

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