HP Elite x3 ad shows off the phone’s versatility for business users

Laurent Giret

Just a day after HP published a series of videos explaining how to make use of Continuum on its Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile phone, a new promotional video for the flagship handset has been discovered today by Reddit user nishantatripathi (via Windows Central). The two minutes video is labeled “for HP and channel partner training purposes only”and features the Elite x3 being used in different setups: as a regular phablet, as a notebook via the HP Mobile Extender, as a desktop computer via the HP’s desktop dock and more.

While all the different use cases in the video could make sense for business users, HP Workspace only got a few seconds of screen time which is quite surprising as this could well be the phone’s killer feature. If you’re not familiar with it, HP Workspace will be a premium service that leverages Citrix app-virtualization to allow business users to run virtualized legacy Windows apps in Continuum mode, making the HP Elite x3 the first “3-in-1” device.

Pre-orders for the HP Elite x3 have already started in Australia, UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands and the handset is expected to become available for business purchase in the US on September 5.