How to follow today’s Bing / ChatGPT announcements from Microsoft

Kip Kniskern

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Last week, word filtered out that Microsoft was planning to begin to offer elements of ChatGPT, the “AI language model created by OpenAI, trained to generate human-like text based on given prompt,”-* within or as part of Bing, Microsoft’s Search product. Microsoft recently announced and extended partnership and a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, who run ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, the “AI language model developed by OpenAI that can generate diverse images from textual descriptions,”-* and has already started to build elements of OpenAI into Azure with its Azure OpenAI Service, and Microsoft 365 products like Viva Sales and Teams Premium, with more to come.

Then yesterday, after Google announced its own upcoming AI integration with “BARD,” Microsoft allowed invited attendees to an on campus event held at 10am Pacific time today (Feb 7) to make that event public, with an expectation of a similar announcement on ChatGPT integration into Bing. Unfortunately, while some of the invitees from The Verge and Windows Central, among others, will be liveblogging the event, Microsoft has chosen not to live stream it. Instead, we’re expecting a press release and then an on demand webcast release a couple hours after the event itself.

What we’re expecting:

  1. Announcement of a limited, invite only preview of “the New Bing,” with ChatGPT integration.
  2. Announcement that this new preview will use, or be based on, ChatGPT-4, an upgraded and much faster version of the AI chatbot.
  3. Some expectation setting of what Microsoft expects from all of this sudden infusion of AI.

What we’re not expecting, but still want to know:

  1. How soon will “the New Bing” be widely available?
  2. What steps will Microsoft be taking to make sure ChatGPT is safe, accurate, and unbiased?
  3. What kind of monetization does Microsoft plan for ChatGPT integration?
  4. What immediate and long term benefits does Microsoft expect from AI?

We’ll be monitoring the news and bringing you all the latest, stay tuned to for news about “the New Bing,” ChatGPT, and more. What are your thoughts on ChatGPT and Microsoft’s sudden embrace of all things AI?

Image created with DALL-E 2 with the prompt “Frank Shaw from Microsoft leading a presentation on ChatGPT in front of a Surface Hub 2 digital art”

-* denotes output to questions asked on ChatGPT