How to Refresh or Reset your Microsoft Surface RT tablet

Surface RT

If you encounter an issue with your Surface RT and need to Refresh or Reset your installation, how can you do it? What if you have problems booting your Surface? This guide will show you how to fix that pesky “Your PC ran into a problem” error.

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn your Surface Off
  2. Turn the Surface On
  3. Press and hold the Power button when bootup reaches the black screen with Surface in white text, with bubbles under the text.
  4. Do this until the screen shows Preparing Automatic Repair
  5. You may get a screen about Bit locker, use the Skip option
  6. You should see a Diagnosing your PC screen
  7. Automatic Repair will come back up now
  8. Click on Advanced
  9. Click on Troubleshoot
  10. From here you can try Refresh or Reset option.

Just remember, Refreshing your Surface simply re-installs Windows RT and keeps your files, settings, and apps. Resetting your Surface wipes everything clean!

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