This is how Nokia’s Android-based Normandy UI could look like

Nokia Normandy

Nokia currently has the greatest market share when it comes to Windows Phone devices, thanks to its Lumia range. However, rumors began to surface about the existence of a Android-powered handset being tested by the Finnish maker dubbed as Nokia Normandy sometime back. Well, not actually stock Android, but a forked version of it. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a press render of the alleged handset, showing it in all its glory and wide range of colors similar to Nokia’s Lumia line up, along with a leaked screenshot of the app drawer of the purported device.

If you feel like it’s not enough, the notorious Twitter leaker @evleaks posted another image of the purported Nokia Normandy handset, showing the UI of how Android could look like, in the form of three screenshots showing three different aspects of the OS. First one shows the lock screen of the device with the notifications appearing on it, while the other two shows Viber (or it could be the new dialer) and Skype application running on the handsets. At first look, the UI looks like a mixture of the one found inside the Asha lineup, Android, and Windows Phone. Interestingly, the purported Nokia Normandy appears to have dual-SIM support, if the screenshots above are legit. 

Coming over to the most important question in this whole Nokia Normandy Saga: will the handset ever hit retail? Well, we’re not sure at the moment as Microsoft will takeover Nokia’s Devices and Services division in the coming months. And, that’s the time when we will be certain about the future of Nokia Normandy. Even if Nokia manages to release the handset, there’s a pretty good change Microsoft will drop the product after the acquisition is complete. 

What do you people think? Will you purchase the alleged Nokia Normandy if it hits retail? Fire away with your thoughts about this. 

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