How Microsoft's Edge browser enables new and exciting experiences on the web

How Microsoft's Edge browser enables new and exciting experiences on the web

Earlier today, Microsoft announced Microsoft Edge, a brand new browser for Windows 10. Previously known as Project Spartan, Edge lets you write directly on web pages and share them, read online articles without distractions, and use offline reading for greater convenience. 

So what makes Edge so special? Microsoft's new browser will be the only internet browser with a personal assistant built-in. Cortana will help you get more done on the web, helping you find what you need as you surf the internet. For example, curious about the particular web page you are on or need more information on a topic? Just right click and Ask Cortana! Edge also features distraction-free offline reading, as well as built-in note taking and sharing. Gone are the old boring days of just surfing the internet -- now you can immediately get help or look up a topic, all while browsing the internet. Not sure what a particular word means on a website? Just ask Cortana and find out without having to leave that page.

Edge was built for Windows 10, on the new Universal App platform for phones, tablets, and desktops. Microsoft plans to update Edge frequently, along with Windows 10, placing greater emphasis on ensuring you have the latest, most secure browser.

Edge is free from legacy IE extensibility points like ActiveX, toolbars, and browser helper objects. Edge is also built on top of modern security protections, such as 64-bit architecture, AppContainer, and Enhanced Protected Mode, ensuring you have a secure and safe browsing experience. If necessary, you can launch Internet Explorer for backwards compatibility for websites that need it.

Edge also takes advantage of "Project Westminster" which allows you to publish your website to the Windows Store, allowing you to call native Universal APIs from JavaScript directly from your website. You can mix in native code, and make it accessible from the website. This brings a whole new meaning to Web Apps.

There is still more to come with Edge, but one thing is clear. Microsoft is looking to get rid of "umm this website doesnt work properly in Internet Explorer" complaints with the new Edge browser. Stay tuned, we'll have more information on Edge as details arrive.

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