Poll: How can Microsoft improve Bing?

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While Bing isn’t part of everyday lingo like Google is (have you tried telling your friend to Bing something?) it does have many merits. It also has respectable market share in certain areas.

It’s good for searching videos, has an emphasis on providing information right away without having to open up a new page, and has a pretty background photos. It also powers Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant and an ever growing feature on Windows 10 devices. Along with that partnering with Cortana, Bing gains many users as Windows 10 continues to grow.

That being said, Microsoft’s search engine plays second fiddle to Google in terms of search traffic. This week’s poll is on what’s holding Bing back from being more successful. While more than one option applies, you have to pick which one affects its success the most.

We left an “other” option so you can vote for that and explain in the comments below.

If you’re passionate about it, don’t just vote in the poll, tell Microsoft through the Bing Insider program. Tune into the WinBeta Podcast this week to hear us discuss your votes and share our thoughts.

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