How to manage your Start Screen tiles using your mouse after installing Windows 8.1 Update

How to manage and organize your tiles after installing Windows 8.1 Update

Quite a lot of our readers are well versed with the inner workings and features of Windows 8.1. With the rollout of yesterday’s Windows 8.1 Update, some of you might not be as familiar with what’s new. Not to worry – we are going to highlight some key features of the operating system update and show you how you can better manage and/or organize your tiles. 

Windows 8.1 Update offers some new improvements to the Start Screen, including the ability to quickly manage or organize your tiles using your mouse. Simply right click on an app tile and you will be presented with a familiar context menu, containing options to unpin the tile from the Start Screen, the option to pin the app to the taskbar so you can access the app via your desktop, the option to uninstall the app, the ability to resize the app into various sizes, and even the ability to turn off the live tile. All these options are self explanatory.

If you right click on the tile of a x86 or x64 application, you will also be presented with the option to run the program as an administrator, open the application in a new window, or open the file location of the app. These are not jaw-dropping new features, but it sure does make the task of managing your tiles a tad bit easier – especially when using a mouse. Some of you might find this quite useful and convenient.

How to manage and organize your tiles after installing Windows 8.1 Update

You can also organize your Start screen by simply clicking on a tile and dragging them around the Start screen. If you want to move more than one tile at a time, simply hold down the CTRL button and click on as many tiles as you want. If you right click anywhere on the Start Screen, you can name your groups of tiles! As you can see from the image above, each column of tiles has a specific name to it!

If you have any tips or tricks on managing your Start Screen, share them in the comments below for everyone to see. Show off your beautiful Start Screen as well!

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