How long will Microsoft support XP, Vista, and Windows 7?

Are you interested in finding out just how long your favorite version of Windows is going to be supported by its maker, Microsoft?

Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report has an in depth look at just how long Microsoft plans on supporting Windows XP, Windows Vista, and/or Windows 7.

From what is reported, Microsoft will cease support for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on April 10th of 2012. Windows 7 will no longer be supported on January 13, 2015.

But wait a minute, how does Microsoft define the word “support”?

Generally, the minimum bar for something to be considered supported is that we provide at least one type of assisted support option and no-charge security updates. This means that, at a minimum, the customer will have some avenue to contact Microsoft for assistance and Microsoft will continue to provide security updates through channels like Windows Update and the Download Center.

On an interesting note, Windows 7 will have extended support until the year 2020. This gives businesses an ease of mind knowing that migrating to Windows 7 wont be a waste of time or money. We will probably be at Windows 11 by then.

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