How to Install Windows 8 in VirtualBox

This tutorial shows you how to set up VirtualBox to run Windows 8 Developer Preview. With a few tinkering of settings, you can get it to work properly.

UPDATE: We have a new video tutorial for installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on VirtualBox. Check it out here.

Before start the steps, understand the basic requirement for this installation. You must have a Hardware Virtualization Technology (VT) computer. I tried this on Dell Optiplex 755 computer which doesn’t have VT supported processor, the installation started in VirtualBox, copied all files, but with the first restart virtual machine hung with black screen in some white texts. I have changed all possible settings in Virtual machine and tried, but no luck.

1) Make sure your computer support Hardware Virtualization Technology – Read more information about Virtualization Technology.

2) Create a new virtual machine in Oracle VirtualBox. Select ‘Windows 7’ as OS version.

3) Enable VT-x and Nesting Paging options as shown below.
Install Windows 8 in VirtualBox

Enable PAE/NX under processor settings. You can change the processor numbers according to physical processor cores, (I set to 2, because mine is Intel Core2duo)

Enable IO APIC under motherboard settings of virtual machine.

4) Enable 3D Acceleration, you can enable 2D Acceleration also. Maximize the display memory size. In fact, I’m not sure how these settings will be helpful to improve the display performance…keep reading.
Install Windows 8 in VirtualBox

5) Mount the downloaded ISO file and start the virtual machine. Installation should start normally like Windows 7.

6) Unfortunately, installing VirtualBox guest additions on Windows 8 is not possible as of now. Still I remember when Windows 7 was released as a beta earlier, Windows Vista guest additions worked on it. But this time, Windows 7 guest additions returned the below ‘Platform Error’ which confirms that something new and different in Windows 8 architecture, otherwise we might have received different kind of error, I guess.
Virtualbox guest additions for windows 8

7) Even though, guest additions could not be installed successfully but the Windows aero is working inside Windows 8 virtual machine in VirtualBox- surprisingly.
working Windows 8 aero in Virtualbox

Source: Sysprobs

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