How does the Lumia Cyan firmware affect battery life?

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How does the Lumia Cyan firmware affect battery life?

Ever since Nokia has begun rolling out their firmware update Cyan there has been a range of possible scenarios for users in the developer preview program. With all these different versions of Windows Phone 8, users may wonder how their battery life will be affected. Well, the fine people at have done such a test!

Comparing WP 8.0 with Lumia Black, WP 8.1 with Lumia Black (multiple version), and WP 8.1 with Lumia Cyan shows Microsoft has been successful in improving efficiency. As expected Lumia Cyan provides the best battery life of all the different versions. Now when users receive Cyan from their carrier they can expect better battery life in addition to all the other features on Windows Phone 8.1

Hit the source link to read the article for yourself. In addition to the Cyan/Black tests, a comparison is made to other popular smartphones. Although, since these phones are all running very different operating systems and hardware it is more for curiosity’s sake.

Have you received Cyan on your Windows Phone? What do you think of the battery life? Let us know in the comments below!

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