How do cyber attacks happen? This infographic from Microsoft explores "the anatomy of a breach"

Microsoft is looking to educate internet users about cyber-attacks occur by creating a slick visual breakdown of the cost of an attack, BYOD security concerns, likely victims and more.

Microsoft’s Anatomy of a Breach website is a new interactive infographic that chalked full of useful details and numbers regarding cyber-attacks delivered in a relatable first-person view of the attack itself.

Visitors are greeted with a scrollable page that houses information such as the average financial cost of a data breach that has cost organizations $4,000,000,000 per year.

In 2015, the average cost paid for each lost/stolen record containing sensitive or confidential information was $154.”

Further down the page, visitors can read about and safeguard themselves from what Microsoft security has found to be key access points used to deliver malicious content. Once inside a system, Microsoft security specialist also describes how a cyber attack takes control and what they call the “Long Con.”

Warning stats info graphic
Warning stats info graphic

While much the information is staggering as it exposes the likelihood of attacks, the severity, and the easiness to which they can be applied, Microsoft, fortunately, provides remedies and solutions along the infographic journey.

Visitors can protect themselves by applying the suggestions Microsoft includes with its Anatomy of a Break infographic.

For anyone looking to educated themselves about cyber-attacks or protect their family and friends from further losses, visiting Microsoft’s Anatomy of a Breach website is highly encouraged.

Let us know your thoughts on the layout of the infographic; the information presented and if you’ve been a victim of a cyber attack, in the comments below.

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