How to create a USB Recovery Disk for your Surface RT

Microsoft’s Surface RT is a great device but there is just one problem. How are we to recover from an operating system hiccup since there are no DVD or CD drives and no installation media to use to recover from an operating system error? Thankfully, this guide will help those who have a Thumb Drive (4GB minimum) create a USB Recovery Disk for your Surface RT.

  1. From the Start screen, tap the Desktop tile to open the Windows Desktop.
  2. Slide your finger in from the right to fetch the Charms bar, then tap the Settings icon.
  3. When the Settings Pane appears, tap the words Control Panel from the pane’s top edge.
  4. When the Desktop Control Panel appears, tap the System and Security section, then tap File History.
  5. When the File History window appears, shown below, tap Recovery in the bottom, left corner. Then tap Create a Recovery Drive when the Recovery window appears.

Once you are done creating the recovery thumb drive, insert it into your Surface RT. NOTE, this will wipe all data on your Surface RT. Proceed with caution.

  1. Turn off your Surface, then insert the Recovery Drive into your Surface RT’s USB port.
  2. While holding down the Volume Down switch, press and release the Surface RT’s Start button.

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