How to clean your Windows Phone smartphone

Lumia 930 being cleaned

Since phones go with us just about everywhere, they’re bound to pick up dust and grime. Cleaning them isn’t that difficult or complicated but there are a few dos and don’ts that make sure you don’t damage your device when cleaning it while still getting it as clean as possible. Lumia Conversations shared these tips on how to properly clean your Lumia.


Turn off your device before cleaning it and if possible, remove the battery

Take off the cover if you use one. Covers collect dirt as well so when you clean your device take time to clean the cover as well.

Use a microfiber cloth in circular motions to clean your device’s screen. Microfiber clothes are going to do a better job of cleaning your device than a paper towel or regular cloth and while Gorilla Glass is tough and on many devices, microfiber is far less likely to scratch your screen. When using a cloth to clean your screen, make sure that it’s clean. If you have a coarse piece of dirt on a cloth it won’t clean well and could damage your device.

If you’re going to use a cleaning agent of any kind, lightly dampen a cloth with a cleaning agent or distilled water and use the cloth to gently clean your device.

Make sure your phone is dry before using it again.


Don’t use cleaning agents not designed to clean phones. Touch screens these days repel fingerprints using oleophobic coating and using the wrong soap or cleaner can damage that coating.

Don’t apply water directly to the screen. As explained above, lightly dampen a cloth and use it on the screen.

Be extremely careful with charging ports and other ports or holes in your device such as the speaker and microphone. Make sure that no liquids get inside your device. If you need to clean inside your device you can use a cotton swab as shown in the photo at the top of the article.

Don’t push too hard on your screen. If you have a piece of dirt that just won’t come off, don’t just push harder when cleaning. There’s a chance that you could damage your screen.

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