How big (or small) were the crowds at the Halo World Championship?

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Could Halo already be losing its steam in the esports industry? It certainly appears so according to Mashable's report showing off some rather lackluster images of the 2017 Halo World Championship Finals.

The $1 million tournament was hosted at the ESL America Campus in Burbank CA over the weekend, where the top Halo players in the world sat down to compete. Spectator passes sold out for the final game on Sunday, but those attendees are reporting that the event was nearly empty.

Twitter user Frank shared some pictures of the event which can only be described as depressing to fans of Halo in esports. Even the $65 spectator ticket is being called a scam by some attendees, reporting that they were watching the event on a screen in a tent set up in the parking lot.

It's worth noting that Greenskull's recollection of the event was quite a bit different than previously mentioned. "To make it seem like there are only three people attending is false," they explained, revealing images of their own experience.

Still, it is undoubted that the event this year was downgraded whether on a large or smaller scale than the rumors circulating. The disappointment of this year's championship is in comparison to the Halo World Championship 2016 where players competed for a $2.5 million prize at Raleigh Studios, Hollywood.

Hector Rodriguez, the owner of OpTic Gaming who won the tournament, remarked on social media that he was in disbelief about the event. On the final day, he released a Youtube video from his perspective.

Rodriguez is only one person out of many fans that seem concerned about Halo in the esports industry. "You don't want to end the season on this note, you want to go out with a bang and make sure people remember who the champions were," Rodriguez explains, saying that he feels that there wasn't much of a chance for fans to participate with such a small venue and only three rows of seats.

The controversial topic has been plastered over social media, yet currently, neither 343 Industries or ESL has made a public statement regarding them. We at OnMSFT have reached out to our contacts regarding the story and we'll be sure to update accordingly.

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