How to add a SkyDrive shortcut into your 'Send To' menu

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Microsoft's SkyDrive is a cool service that gives you roughly 7GB of free storage to back up files to the cloud. Now, with this handy tweak, you can add a SkyDrive shortcut to your SentTo menu. So now, when you right click on your file, you can easily send it to SkyDrive.

1) Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME directory. Right-click on 'SkyDrive' and select 'Create Shortcut'.

2) Open Run dialog box. To do this, simultaneously press Windows + R keys. In the dialog, type 'shell:sendto' and hit enter key to open SendTo folder. (see screenshot below)

How to add a skydrive shortcut into your 'send to' menu - onmsft. Com - july 19, 2012

3) Copy the SkyDrive shortcut that we have created in step 1 to SendTo folder.

There you go! Now you can easily right click on a file and send it to SkyDrive with ease!

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