Windows 10 for phones preview expands to more devices in next build

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Hope and confusion comes to more Windows Phone devices with next build of Windows 10 for phones

Hot on the tails of Windows 10 for phones, it looks like Gabriel Aul and the gang are back at their cryptic and confusing ways of communication. First spotted by Neowin, Aul has gone back to Twitter to give some hope to the rest of us who have yet to have Windows 10 for phones, on our phones.

Yay, right? As with most things about Windows Phone, there is always another shoe to fall. It looks like the team is no closer to communicating or releasing a build for phones or PCs or a list of supported devices than where we stand today.

For those of us excited by the news of newer builds and more supported devices, we’ll have to saddle that excitement for another day.

I found myself the other day looking at my coffee table that happened to have two phones on it. My Lumia 1520 and my Lumia 630. I glanced at the start screens on both devices and yes, my Lumia 630 had the new start screen, it had the new actionable notifications, it had the new settings menu, it had the new drop down menu in action center, it had the new keyboard, and host of other ‘new’ things. 

Meanwhile, my 1520 just had a new camera and a new way to interact with Cortana. Granted an amazing new camera, and a awesome new hands-free Cortana interaction, but no new ‘list’ of things like the Lumia 630. I scratched my head and then pocketed my Lumia 1520 and went about my day.

Hope and confusion comes to more Windows Phone devices with next build of Windows 10 for phones

I realized that without developer attention, my Lumia 1520 was not only more stable but the new features present on my 630 weren’t going to change my daily activities with the phone just yet. My 1520, was faster, had more space (128 GB micro SD), larger screen, and my photos were coming out much better. Sure the added ability to answer a text straight from the banner was a beautiful addition, but I would like to respond to all my banner notifications, like Facebook, 6tag, email, Twitter, etc. 

I applaud Gabriel, Joe and the team for their efforts but those of you still waiting for the build, take it from me, you’re not missing much at all.

Hopefully the next build comes with more routine changing features, like the new office, email, maps and Spartan for us to try out.

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